Sands of Time

jazz  reggae  funk 

Sands of Time
A superb blues album with a twist, an unusual blend of beautiful guitar and vocal melodies, funky jazz piano and tight rhythm grooves.

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Liner Notes

This is primarily a blues album with a twist. It's the type of music I played in the 70's when the definitions of music were a lot freer and experimenting was all the go and style labels weren't as rigid as they are these days. When Michael and I started playing together in the early 90's we decided to experiment with various styles starting with progressive and fusion, twisting our way through blues and even juke joint swing to finally come up with our hybrid we show in this collection of songs ranging from 70's style heavy blues/rock, to reggae, into swing blues/jazz and ending up in acid/jazz fusion style, all with the ISH twist .---- Stephen Webb


Our thanks go to all the people involved in this project. Daniel Barron who played beautiful slide guitar; Ian Rennell who played a funky rhythm guitar ; Peter Henderson, what a fantastic sax solo in Like Kenny; Peter Hardinge who just dropped in one day and laid down a great guitar solo on Cafe Luna; Rob Piani and Peter Kirkup, our superb keyboardists; and Kurt Roberts who played a stirling guitar solo on Amy and Lily and slide on Chameleon. This album would have been only a shadow without all their help. Rachel, Michael and Stephen.


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